(Review) The Swiss Family Robinson, Illustrated Junior Library by Johann Wyss, illustrated by Lynd Ward

Publisher and Publication Date: Grosset and Dunlap Publishers. 1949.
Genre: Fiction, adventure.
Pages: 377.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: Good.

The original title was Der Schweizerische Robinson.

I know you will be shocked but this is the first time I've read The Swiss Family Robinson.
My granddaughter just finished reading the book and recommended it to me.
The language of the book is proper English. The words and phrases belong to a different time and culture. It is an engaging story. It is a feel good story. It is very appropriate for a child of any age.

After a storm at sea, the family and crew members must abandon ship. A nearby island is their oasis. The ship held a large cargo of supplies, including farm animals.
The island to my estimation, must be near Australia. It is a tropical island. It is visited by strong storms and a rainy season.
The family is comprised of parents and four sons. The sons are Fritz, Ernest, Jack, and Franz. Each of the boys are strong and healthy. Each of the boys have their own talents and abilities that complete the team of castaways.
Some of the early duties of living on the island is hauling from the ship what they can use on land. Another duty is making a new home on the island.
The story tells of adventures with wildlife, the vegetation, and navigation of the island.
The father is the narrator. 

The 1960 film. The audio is not great. The screen is small. However, it is free.