(Review) Shadows On The Rock by Willa Cather

Publisher and Publication Date: Vintage Classics, Vintage Books, A Division of Random House. Originally published 1931. This edition published 1995.
Genre: Classic literature, Canadian history, historical fiction.
Pages: 240.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: Okay.

My Antonia by Willa Cather is one of my favorite books. I'd hoped to read another work from Willa Cather that I loved. Shadows On The Rock just did not catch my interest.

Willa Cather was born in 1873, and died in 1947. Other novels written by Cather are O Pioneers!, The Professor's House, The Son of the Lark, and One of Ours. One of Ours was written in 1922. Cather won a Pulitzer Prize for One of Ours in 1923.
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Shadows On The Rock is the story of 17th century Quebec, and its inhabitants, who were new arrivals from France. The year is 1697, and Euclide Auclair is the philospher apothecary of Quebec. He has a twelve year old daughter named Cecile Auclair. Quebec is pronounced Kebec by the characters. It is located on a gray rock in the Canadian wilderness. This is a remote exile for many of the French, but for Cecile, this is the only home she's known. Euclide reflects on family and life behind in Paris, France. He has created a new life on this gray rock. Catholicism is strong in Quebec, and several characters are nuns and Monseigneur's.
A few things I liked about the story:
  • The descriptions of Quebec, including the changing seasons and scenery. 
  • The character of Cecile. She is a sweet girl. She is intelligent.
  • I learned how the French colonists lived during this period of time in Quebec and Canadian history.