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Book Review: Flavors by Emily Sue Harvey

The summer of 1950 has arrived, and Sadie's parents are in need of a babysitter for her and younger brother Joe for the summer while they work. Sadie's parents work the second shift at a mill. Sadie and her brother are sent to stay for the summer at their paternal grandparents farm in South Carolina. On weekends their parents would visit the farm, often picking up the kids and taking them to the drive-in movie theater. They were a close family, laughter and affection was prominent. On the other hand Sadie's grandmother was a stern stoic no-nonsense person.
"She was not into sweet-talk. Her dialogue was as plain and unadorned as her battered washboard. Her vocabulary was the same, plain enough for a moron to understand. When she meant 'flighty,' she said 'flighty.' The upside was you never misunderstood her."
Sadie's father was the 5th of 12 children, grandma was having children while her children were having children. Sadie had an aunt only …

Memorial Day 2012


Book Review: Nurses At The Front, Writing The Wounds Of The Great War Edited By Margaret R. Higonnet

The editor Margaret R. Higonnet writes a long introduction that prepares the reader for the memoirs that were written by 2 nurses that served during the early years of World War I. These women were Ellen N. La Motte and Mary Borden. Margaret states that even before the United States joined the war (Spring 1917) there were as many as 25,000 American women serving as volunteers. Each of them joined in order to serve their country. Many of them wanted to be at the Front lines in order to help. They were "as eager to get to the Front as any Boy." The only way to be at the Front was as a nurse.
Mary Borden (1886-1968)was an American, wealthy, and had been educated at Vassar College. She'd married an English Captain. She had children that she left behind in England in order to serve because, "she signed up with the French Red Cross."
Ellen Newbold La Motte (1873-1961) also an American, was an experienced nurse from Baltimore. Upon arriving in Europe she first worke…

Book Blogger Hop Question For The Week Of May 25-31

I have not taken part in the Book Blogger Hop and Question Of The Week in a long long time!

The question for this week---May 25-31 is:

How do you handle the writing of a negative review?

My quick answer would be as graciously as I can muster.

My long answer is it is rare for me to read a book that I do not like, even rarer to read a book that all around in every way I dislike.
In reviewing I express those things that I liked or even did not care for----giving the reason why.
For example there was a children's Bible that I reviewed not long ago, in every way but 1 the hard back book was wonderful, except 1 key point-----there was no story of Jesus' death and resurrection. How can we have a Bible without these stories? Even young toddlers are taught about Jesus' death and resurrection. To me it left this children's Bible empty and hollow.
It is important in reviewing a book to be as honest as possible, giving reasons why I liked or disliked the book, to not leave anythi…

A Source for Your eReader if You Review Books

Do you use Net Galley?

If you have an eReader I highly recommend this site for finding books from "many" different publication companies. The following link will take you to the page where you can read more about this source!

Book Review: Cocoon by Emily Sue Harvey

Seana Howard is a vibrant, out-going, cheerful, lovely woman. After many years of marriage her husband Ansel died. She often thinks back on the life they'd had. She wonders if it would be possible to love gain. Seana has 2 adult children with families and careers, Tim and Zoe. Tim manages the business Ansel built. Zoe has a dance studio. The dance studio is where Seana met Barth. At first sight Barth looked rather out of place back in the "dim corner" of the studio. Seana introduced herself, there was a spark of attraction between them. In the small town of Paradise Springs, South Carolina, the beauty of the Smokey Mountains are in the distance. The population is 2,000. Everyone knows Seana. She is a respected and beloved friend. Barth though is a "new-comer" to town. Seana's children are bewildered and shocked when Seana and Barth elope. Seana and Barth settle in to her spacious 2 story ranch home, hoping that eventually her children will welcome Barth wi…

Book Review: Moloka'i by Alan Brennert

Rachel Kalama and her family live in Honolulu, Hawai'i. Her father is a merchant seaman and is gone for several months at a time, when he is home their brief time together is cherished. Her mother as the primary parent cares for her and her 2 brothers and older sister Sarah. Their world of "old Honolulu" is an exotic paradise in the late 1800's. The tourism and military presence has not been established yet. The undisturbed landscape and beaches are tranquil and luscious. Rachel's world with the exception of her often absent father, is like heaven. When Rachel is 7 years old her uncle Pono is sent to a leprosy settlement on the island of Moloka'i. Pono is her father's brother. Afterwards, Rachel has 2 rosy skin spots that are found on her body. Her mother tries various home treatments, fear rises in her heart. Eventually Rachel is taken from her family and sent to a hospital for observation. After nearly a year of observation she is sent with a group of …

Book Review: The Traitor's Wife by Kathleen Kent

The Traitor's Wife is the forerunner story to The Heretic' Daughter. The Traitor's Wife is aptly named for the main character Martha Allen. She is the mother to Sarah that is the main character and voice in The Heretic's Daughter. The year is 1673 and our characters live in Billerica, Massachusetts. Martha is in her 20's, and takes a job (begrudgingly) as a domestic servant in her cousin Patience's home. Patience and her husband Daniel have 2 children and one more on the way. Patience is in her 5 month of pregnancy and she seems to be in a constant state of retched nauseousness. Upon Martha's arrival she observes that the home has been neglected and is filthy. Patience has not had the grit to over-see the management of the home and farm. Daniel is away often on business. Martha on the other hand is a force to be reckoned with. She has a reputation of being outspoken, bold, fiery, intimidating, stubborn, and contrary. Martha and Patience have a stand-off on…

Book Review: Nothing Daunted, The Unexpected Education of Two Society Girls in the West by Dorothy Wickenden

I love biographies of people who were gutsy, brave, daring, independent, and fiercely determined against the odds. This book more than met my satisfaction!
The author has written the tale of her grandmother Dorothy Woodruff. In 1916 she along with her dear friend Rosamond "Ros" Underwood, traveled by train and then pack horse to the sparsely populated settlement of Elkhead, Colorado. They have committed to teach in the Elkhead school for 9 months. Elkhead is near Hayden, which is in Routt County, Colorado. These hardy pioneer folk are in desperate need of teachers. This is also a community where several bachelor men are in need of wives. Western Colorado was at this time period still considered rustic and uninhabitable for women such as Dorothy and Ros. These women were from Aurora, New York. They'd grown up in luxury and wealth. Neither could cook, nor do any other domestic work. They were well-educated and had traveled to Europe for an extended stay. Their life in Aur…

Book Review: The House at Tyneford by Natasha Solomons

Tyneford is based on a now uninhabited village on the coast of southern England named Tyneham.
The main character Elise Landau is based on the authors great aunt, Gabi Landau.
The year is 1938 and Jews are in peril living in Europe. The Nazi's have already began to wreck havoc amongst them: destroying synagogues, businesses, and rounding up Jews for removal to other "areas." The Landau family living in Vienna, Austria are able to obtain a Visa for their youngest daughter Elise age 19. Even though Elise has grown up with servants preparing and caring for her every need. She is to travel to England and become a servant in an estate. It is a chance for her to be safe in another country, far away from Hitler and his madmen. The night before she leaves her father gives her an unfinished story he has written and hidden in a viola. Elise's father wants her to take it to England and when they are reunited she can return it to him. Soon after Elise arrives in England, her si…