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Sunday Salon

Good Sunday morning to you!
There is a hint of autumn in the central Texas air today. A norther has brought a cooler breeze, the temperatures are still too warm for me--77 at nearly noon, but the breeze from the north is wonderful!
Tonight the predicted low is to be 53...maybe I won't need that second fan.

I've been busy this past week with my dad. Last Monday he had a basal cell skin cancer removed from his right cheek, the scar is 3 inches long--it runs the length of his cheek. Everyday I've changed his bandage, a prescription ointment is applied twice a day. On October 4 I'll take dad back to the dermatologist to have the stitches removed and to find out the results of the pathology report.
The blister that dad had on his right heel has healed. Dad is a diabetic and a small thing like a blister on the foot can become a major thing to a diabetic.
In the last month I've taken dad to a doctor 5 times.

I've not finished How Green Was My Valley, deadlines on book…

Sunday Salon

Good Sunday morning to you!
This has been a long week for me, my husband is still ill and if he is not better by tomorrow his doctor wants to put him in the hospital. He has pneumonia, complicated by asthma. Our son Paul is ill with a bad case of bronchitis. Early tomorrow morning I'll take my dad to the dermatologist to have a skin cancer removed from his cheek, plus he has other little areas on his arms and neck for the doctor to look at.
I'm holding up.

In the last week I focused more on finishing books for review on the 2 other Blogs that I have.
The books I finished last week were:

Cotton Mill Girl by Flora Ann Scearce
Solitary by Travis Thrasher

Be Still and Let God be God by Robert Paul Baeyens

I also wrote a post on Wha…

This Week Is Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Blissful Blogging!

Sunday Salon

Last week was eventful with tropical storm Hermine (Internet and electricity outages, flooding), a sick husband, our grandson to the ER with stomach pain (a virus), dad with a blister on the his right heel (he is a diabetic), and various doctor appointments for my dad.
On this sunny but humid morning I am washing laundry, reading the newspaper, and baking banana chocolate chip bread. I'm hoping it will be an enjoyable day.
Last week I finished 3 books and have posted on 2 of them: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen on this blog, Valeria's Cross by Kathi Macias and Susan Wales: link for review
I finished reading Solitary by Travis Thrasher and will be posting the review soon on my blog @
A Garden of Books. This book I am so excited about, a phenomenal read. I stayed up till late at night to finish reading it. It is suspenseful, scary, mysterious, love story, a little comical (the main charact…

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants is being made in to a movie, the link for more information:

Link for more information on the book @ publisher: $14.95

Link for the book @ Amazon: $8.49
Published by Algonquin in 2006, Paperback, 350 pages, Fiction/Circus Life/The Great Depression

I purchased my paperback copy from Target for reading/reviewing.

Water for Elephants is the story of Jacob Jankowski. When the book begins Jacob is a 93 year old man living in a nursing home. He reflects back on his life during the early part of the depression years when he worked in a circus. As an elderly man Jacob is a feisty, independent, charming, comical character. My favorite part of the book is of Jacob as an elderly man reflecting on his youth. I felt the writer did an excellent …


I will be taking a break for the Labor Day weekend, I'll return Tuesday September 7.
I hope that your holiday will be relaxing!
For my readers on the east coast I'm hoping Hurricane Earl is only a minimal glance.

Blissful Blogging!

The Lives of the Kings and Queens of England edited by Antonia Fraser

Alfred A. Knopf, reprint 1998--originally published 1975
The edition I read was a hardback library copy--1975 edition with a different cover than pictured above. 
384 pages, now published by University of California Press

Link for the book @ Amazon

Beginning in 1025 with William I-- The Conqueror, (in the beginning he was called William the Bastard). The book progresses through all of the kings and queens of England up till the current monarch Elizabeth II.
Each monarch is given 2-4 pages in average for the history on them. With such a mammoth of information it did not stop me from progressing quickly through the book.
I will choose a couple of my favorite monarchs to review on:
William I--The Conqueror sounds much nicer than what he was originally called. He was a great knight, he was intelligent and shrewd, he had a faithful marriage to Matilda (only 4' 2"), they had nine children…

The Lady in the Tower, The Fall of Anne Boleyn by Alison Weir

Published by Ballantine Books--A Division of Random House in 2010, 464 pages, Hardback
Non-fiction/Biography/Tudor History/British History/British Monarchy

Link for the book @ publisher:

Anne Boleyn was the enigmatic second wife of Henry VIII. I used the verb enigmatic because Anne Boleyn is a historical character that has been written about many times, all with variations in her temperament, morality, and reputation.
She was condemned to death because of charges adultery (including with her own brother) and conspiring the kings death.
What has been written in every book I've read that is a fact is that Henry VIII was desperate for a son, an heir; Anne Boleyn had not performed her duty in this. Anne Boleyn was pregnant four times during her marriage to Henry VIII, only the first pregnancy Elizabeth lived.
Before Anne died Henry VIII already had a third wife picked, Jane Seymour.
Anne was a woman of strong characte…